Thursday, December 27, 2018


She gave herself the leftover words to write this poem.
Don’t say she gets no respect;
second best or worse yet sometimes surprises the supposed best.

When you laugh with a broken heart, it makes the humor more meaningful
And really, it’s not a broken heart,
just a wasted soul getting in the way of friends with underused middle fingers  inspiring revelations.

-December 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

To perform THE PASSION OF MARY, please contact my publisher, Demmer Dewan at

It’s the story of Mary Dyer coming of age.  She gains confidence as she battles for respect for her beliefs.  

Three Act Drama,
“It wasn’t just witches they were hanging, but their own.”  The story of Quaker Mary Dyer, who was hanged by Puritans in the Boston Commonwealth in the 1600s.
The Passion of Mary, Synopsis

Forty years before the Salem witch trials, Massachusetts’ Puritans were hanging other Christians for slight differences of opinion. The play THE PASSION OF MARY details the importance of the Separation of Church and State in early America through the battles and life story of a young woman that builds self-awareness and confidence while keeping her sense of humor intact.   

Featuring a cast of historical characters including early leaders Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, plus England’s Lord Oliver Cromwell, the play starts as Mary buries her child that was stillborn and disfigured. Within weeks Mary’s world crumbles, first seeing her best friend kicked out of Boston where they had settled for over 16 years. Then the colony’s leaders discover the dead baby, and publicize to the entire community that Mary gave birth to a monster. She, too, is excommunicated, and scorned by her neighbors. 

Mary ends up in Providence, Rhode Island, with others that were kicked out of Boston.  The open-minded Roger Williams invites Mary to visit England with him.  It is their hope to create a positive relationship with the Native Americans that live in the new colony.  

In England, Mary becomes versed in the loving deeds of Quaker beliefs, and helps soothe the country’s leader Lord Oliver Cromwell through his many fears. Though respected in England, she wants to return home to the new world where her family lives. 

Upon her return, Mary's ship lands in Boston where the Puritans have declared the Quaker religion as illegal. She is arrested. Because her husband still has political ties with the Commonwealth, she is set free and ordered to never return. Mary returns, and is arrested yet again. One of her party is put to death. Mary's husband, who has been fighting to keep his wife at home, realizes the Puritans' cruelty, and finally offers his blessing for Mary to return again. His support allows her to sacrifice her life for religious freedom. 

Upon Mary's death, she is welcomed to the afterlife by her child, the one that the leaders of Boston referred to as a “monster.”

Anne Leighton, Playwright

Playwright Anne Leighton was inspired by the struggles of Mary Dyer coming of age and fighting for religious freedom in early America, plus by Arthur Miller’s play, THE CRUCIBLE. Anne believes that people—including women— can define themselves and create legacies. Her legacy includes a range of works including plays (REACH FOR THE SUN and the Jacob C. Hamer-winning ONE WAY TO HEAVEN), magazine articles for music, martial arts, and cat fans, and producing the Christmas song “Got My Eye On You, Santa.” She appears on the GRAMMY-nominated album, HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  Anne’s books are: THE LEIGHTON EXPLOSION, the e-book: GET THE GIG: COMMON SENSE CAREER CONSULTING, USING YOUR ART AND THE MEDIA TO COMFORT PEOPLE, and PAWS FOR THOUGHT: HOW TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR CAT IS THINKING. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Day after Elvis' birthday, and Prince is at my deli, 
looking at the pop in the cooler.
Cynthia, Lucy and me studied this guy 
with eyes set deeper in a head closer to the earth than ours,
He decided to sing for us for free— 
“I don’t need the Mercedes or the TV, don’t give me the money
just the whole Journey!"  

Was it Yes or No
or someone we didn’t know?
We know we remember
and we’re in his art
Are we poetry 
and everything else
any day or never?

He jumped so high, laughed and gently gave us 
a great first line for our song,
swaying and loving “girls, first hug me, we’re pretty”
“Don’t you hate the pain that goes with being hurt?” 
“We don’t like it, oh well, so use it
like meanies did to us. Namaste', we pray 
Sanity Resist together! 

Was it Yes or No
or someone we didn’t know?
We know we remember
and we’re in his art
are we poetry 
and everything else
any day or never?

An angel in a race against time 
and he seemed to be groovin’ with it
but us girls knew he would move up and fly
but now it seemed it wasn’t sinning, just living,
and getting grown with people that never grew up.
We didn’t need to drink or dance and sing, but it was everything
we remember—

Was it Yes or No
or someone we didn’t know?
We know we remember
and we’re in his art
are we poetry 
and everything else
any day or never?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Contentment or Contempt?


the kid
the kitty
with eyes 
like white
the one born 
of coral 
blood from
a cardboard

-Anne Leighton, 2017

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ask Me Anything

Dear Dearest Friend
when it’s too late—
please say something nice about me.
Love trickles down—this I must believe. 
If anyone is to be free 
it’s us loudly shoving that reality,

Let the meek inherit the earth   
put your hurt on the front burner 
for us all to comfort together  

My Beloved Family,
I stand my ground
even when you put me down. 
Emancipation Proclamation!
Do some homework, and learn what that means
Dignity must descend to daughters and sons!

Let the meek inherit the earth   
put your hurt on the front burner 
for us all to comfort together  

My amazing country,
I declare freedom
but sometimes you ask me for too much.
It starts with my neighbor and in my backyard.
I’ve called your offices, sent you emails,
So don’t condemn us citizens for our requests.

Let the meek inherit the earth   
put your hurt on the front burner 
for us all to comfort together  

Brothers and sisters
asking for attention.
Partners on our journeys.
“They’d like to help you if they can find the time
but they’re doting over Facebook and some in-laws that died.”
I’ll only keep you a while. I know if I’m nice, they’ll be nicer. 

I don’t know. 
give it up, nobody cares, 
I can’t solve a problem but I can sing,
and maybe then someone will be listening

Let the meek inherit the earth
put your hurt on the front burner 
for us all to comfort together

-Anne Leighton, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Little Girl In My Dream

She wanted to be angel for strays by my house,
the little girl in my dream…
the other kids threw fire crackers
kids are cruel
I remember that well.

Homeowners united on the Fourth of July 
with hoses blasting full stream
we destroyed their explosions
‘cause kids are cruel
I remember that well

As I rolled up my garden hose,
I saw the little girl in my dream
in my yard, making me angry
kids are cruel
I remember that well.

I yelled at her and told her to get lost
she ignored my scream
so I picked her up,
brought her to the next yard 
kids are cruel
I remember that well. 

She came back like the cat
I toss off my desk, this little girl in my dream
I didn’t see her tend to a grey stray
kids are cruel
I remember that well.

So I carried her by her arms and yelled
she sulked, “don’t be mean.”
I didn’t give it much thought till now
what I did to that sweet, little girl in my dream.
I remember that well.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Love the job and the people

Hey! I'm in show biz, 
I'm empathetic egotist! 
Just calling lots of bullshit, 
seeing people all stilted 
and not connected 
with their their talent. 
That's it.