Thursday, June 1, 2006


Memo: to all media
from: Anne Leighton, 718-881-8183,

The Media Revolutionizes the Energy Industry

Enclosed is a public domain idea that I created and hope you can apply to your company.  All I request is that you tell people that I gave you the idea, and only do that if they ask.

I realize that you spend quite a bit of money every year on energy to create your product and also promote your business.  I see vans representing local TV and radio stations at important events and news stories.  In addition it costs lots of money to power your offices.

Knowing that there are a great deal of alternative energy machines available, I'm offering a great contest idea where you can run a promotion to find the best machine to run power in your offices, and also find the best engine for your cars and vans.

You can include a public promotion for this contest, and have something like a Science Fair where you have all your entrants display their models over the course or a week, a month, even just a day at a public venue.  

Once you decide what machines best fit the bill for your company, buy the machine.  Don't buy the patent.  Just buy the machines that work for your business.  This will allow the inventor to manufacture two or more machines, which they can market.  In time they'll become rich.

More important, you'll have ultimately saved energy dollars, you will no longer have to rely on foreign energy.  You might even protect the environment.  

You'll also receive a great deal of attention, especially among your listeners.

I would love to know how this promotion works.

The media can revolutionize the energy industry, and they can do it quite well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

my not so secret SECRET for creative success

Contact; Anne Leighton: 718-881-8183/


Did you know that Bronx' very own Stanley Kubrick (CLOCKWORK ORANGE
filmmaker) used to let his cats sit in with him as he edited films? He wanted them to
have all his attention!

A Bronx writer believes that anyone can become more creative if they adopt a cat or two or three...or 20.

She bases her conclusions on observations she's had of industry people she knows, in fact.
"This is the reason Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson is still making music.  Why do you think the Barbi Sisters are still favorites of the pin up crowd.  These artistslove animals and therefore have a sense of great humanity, and--thus--havepowerful creative insight that manifests itself in their works.

There are a few friendly stray cats in Leighton's neighborhood who are looking for loving homes. "Gweet" (as in "Go eat" and "I'm friendly, so I'm gweeting you") is a grey tuxedo who loves attention. He's already neutered, thanks to the great folks at Neighborhood Cats. Leighton and a neighbor--the Cat Lady will take Gweet to the vet to be cleaned and checked.   He could be a great solo cat, or live with a dog. Depending on his blood results, he would do well in a home with other active kitties.

Midnight is devoted to people.  She will be your friend for life if you feed her and change her litter box.  Neighborhood Cats spayed her, and depending on her blood results she'll do fine in a house where cats are not competing for an owner's attention or with just one or two affectionate cats, or as a solo cat.

There are a few other sweet cats who have been hanging out here, as well. Since they're new cats on the scene, Leighton is trying to find out if they--perhaps--might have an owner who is trying to find them:
*A white cat with grey spots and a grey
tail, plus a flea collar, who was discovered
hanging on top of a fence during
an awful thunder storm.  

*A mainly box print tabby that has white
paws and a white chest.  That cat is trim.  

*There is also a very stoic
orange-tan tabby with box prints.

In closing Leighton believes that in addition to the inspiration offered by one or more cats, these affectionate owners also give the owner something to work towards, "The more cats I have, the more I write.  The more I write, the more money I make.  The more money I make, the more my cats and the ones in the neighborhood can eat."  

Then again, the more cats that she can help find homes for, the more money she can save.... or maybe she can just sleep and dream, just like her inspiring cats.