Wednesday, September 29, 2004

notes of my appearances this fall

I have a few New York and Texas appearances.
My play ONE WAY TO HEAVEN will be read at a benefit to fight AIDS at the annual GILDA FUNDRAISING BENEFIT sponsored by 7 Records at The Bermuda Triangle, San Antonio, Texas on October 8. (for more info on the benefit:
This summer the play was part of the HOWL! Festival, and everyone there autographed the script for the auction at this benefit to fight AIDS.

I’m working at the CATFANCY booth for the Cat Show at Madison Square Garden, New York City on Oct. 9 and 10 from 2 to 5 PM.  I’ll be showing folks how to rescue and find homes for cats along with representatives from Precious Paws and Kitty Kind.

On October 16 at approx. 3 PM I’m on the publicity and promotions panel-Getting the Word Out, DIY-Style for the DIY Convention with Chris DeWolfe from, Razor & Tie’s Mary Elizabeth Carter,  Ariel Hyatt from Ariel Publicity and The Syndicate’s Rev. Moose.  The website is

And finally the final, absolute release date for my book, USING YOUR ART & THE MEDIA TO COMFORT PEOPLE is March 27th.  Promotional copies of the book will be early early November.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

My public statement on Siegfried & Roy

I've been studying cats and their relationships with humans from every culture throughout the world. I am close to writing two chapters for a book proposal (which includes two chapters--one on modern  times and  the other on Asian culture) on cats in healing, harming, the supernatural, witchcraft.  I also am a contributor to NEW YORK TAILS and CATFANCY magazine, and know lots of folks in the animal kingdom.

Part of these studies include animals in performance.  I'm certainly in favor of animals in movies if they're humanely treated.   There are a few problems with S&R and their pets.  Part of the problems include the amount of roaming room their cats have and the more significant is the breeding.  Their cats are being in-bred to get the WHITE tiger look which is amazing on stage, but it is unhealthy treatment.  Their animals have a lot of health problems.  I think Montecore may also be half deaf because he is a white cat with a blue eye.  Because he now doesn't have enough roaming room he is also a little bit overweight.  I did not see any cats roaming on the TV show at their conservatory.

They can publicize these illusionists to everyone about them being conservationists, but it's very interesting that the animal media has not fallen prey to these campaigns.  The reason the media is doing so much work on s&R is because it's been one year since Roy was injured and that there is a new TV show FATHER OF THE PRIDE.

I am glad that Roy is recovering,  and Siegfried is being a great friend, but understand the negatives of what they've done to these animals.