Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Anne's activities

Joe Deninzon will also be joining my panel of artists who’ve created their own career opportunities on May 15 at 2 PM at the Global Entertainment Network Summit ( at the Laugh factory in New York City.  The other artists include comedienne/author/world’s fastest talking woman Fran Capo, club and studio owner/singer/songwriter/guitarist Billy Morris, independent TV and film producer Frank Mosca of Harrington Talents in the Bronx to talk about ways we can use the media to further our careers.  I’m also looking for a reporter/journalist that works in more than one medium to join the panel, so if you have suggestions please call me or email.

One of the reasons I’m doing workshops and panels is to promote my book, USING YOUR ART & THE MEDIA TO COMFORT PEOPLE. Another cool thing I’m doing in conjunction with the book is sponsoring the word “comfort” at the website ETYMOLOGY ONLINE. is one of my all-time favorite websites as it shows word origins.  Independent acts need clever ideas to help create media attention, and it costs about 10 dollars for six months to sponsor a word.  Check out the site and see if sponsoring a word is something you can try to help hype one of your projects.

By the way, “Comfort” is from Latin roots including the word “fortis” which is “strong.”  So “comfort” means “to help, to strengthen.”  

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Anne's workshop on April 1 in the Bronx

On April 1, Anne Leighton is leading a workshop,  USING THE MEDIA TO SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE at The Point, 940 Garrison, Bronx, NY at 4 PM.   Sponsored by A.C.T.I.O.N. (Activists Coming to Inform Our Neighborhood), this workshop also has special guests--singer/songwriter/actor Jann Klose plus choreographer Yo-el Cassell.  Anne, Jann and Yo-el will show people how to find media outlets, talk with them and convince them to cover their work.  The workshop is free, contact 718-542-4139 xt. 28. By subway, take the #6 Train to Hunts Point Ave. By bus, take the BX6 to Hunts Point & Garrison Aves; BX5 and BX19 to Hunts Point Ave. & Southern Blvd.

On May 15, Anne will also be leading a panel USING T HE MEDIA TO SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE at the Global Entertainment Network Convention, in the Laugh Factory in New York City.  More details can be found at

Anne believes anyone can create their own career opportunities to build careers.  She is the author of USING YOUR ART & THE MEDIA TO COMFORT PEOPLE from Free to Run books.  As a publicist, her clients include rockers Jethro Tull, Grand Funk Railroad, Bill Wyman, Vanilla Fudge, Mountain, Tower of Power, plus upcoming musicians (including Jann Klose) and independent filmmakers. She taught at Baruch College’s Entertainment Business Program, and has written articles for SONGWRITER’S MARKET, HIT PARADER, INSIDE KARATE/KUNG FU, INSIDE CONNECTION, plus CATFANCY; her plays have been performed at Poets Repertory Theater of Long Island, the HOWL! Festival and the River City Living Church in San Antonio, Texas.

At these events USING YOUR ART &  THE MEDIA TO COMFORT PEOPLE is available for the special price of $10.00.  It is available by mail order to Anne Leighton for $13.00 c/o Box 670922, Bronx, NY  10467, and on the web at for $15.94.