Monday, December 6, 2010

Anne Leighton on Grammy-Nominated Album

I'm on an album, HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT: GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT that was nominated for a Grammy in “Best Spoken Word Album for Children.” Also on the album is my artist Jann Klose, and former client Uncle Floyd, plus friends Beatle Bob, Michael O'Keefe, radio host Gene Shay, plus Moby, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Julian Lennon, and Tom Chapin. The album's creators are Kevin Mackie, and producers Jim Cravero, Paula Lizzi & Steve Pullara. It took Kevin and company over two years to put together this album. It is very well done.

On January 28, there'll be a record release party for HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT at Peter Max Studios, in New York City for The New York Coalition for School Food. I'LL BE PERFORMING AND WILL HAVE JOE DENINZON ON MANDOLIN, ACCOMPANYING ME!!! I am also bringing Jahmane Bright, who is my co-producer for my album, and he would love to meet you. That's my posse. I also understand Jann Klose is bringing his posse as he's performing at this event. Acclaimed-jazz clarinetist Oran Etkin will also be on stage.
Mr. Oran Etkin showing and playing his clarinet for kids!
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