Monday, November 21, 2011


(On The Highway To Elucidate)

The word of the day on the day
I reached the light at the end of the tunnel
was "elucidate."
--to make lucid, especially by explanation or analysis and give a clarifying explanation."

OK, I understand
I wasn't supposed to have grown up,
become stronger or on top of woman and man,
but be a child with joy in my purpose
--an idea with light, like that lightbulbbulblightlightbulbbulblight.

In order to think like a child
become like a child and speak as a child
go on line like any child might
find the dictionary for my word of the day--first thing at night.

I want to use that word in a sentence;
am I doing it right, for sure?
You mean other people are not always elucidate
I mean, Do you mean other people are not always elucidate
when they explain something, huh?

"I think not," said a stranger in the chat,
"Elucidate is a verb."
Lesson one: Definition includes the word's type!
OK, OK, OK! How cool the word exists,
Seems the wordmakers know how hard it is to elucidate!