Friday, February 1, 2013


"Is it who folded the universe
that matters
or how I would open it...."

There's a zen when you're in the life of your art that helps you find gigs, and other cool things that sustain your art. It really comes into play when you communicate with folks.

I decided in order to promote THE LEIGHTON EXPLOSION that I'd go on a trip down memory lane, and reconnect with old friends--people who saw me working in radio, on TV, in magazines, with bands, journalists, friends from college and high school.

It's kismet as I'm making these calls, because I'm also hearing from other folks who've been in my thoughts through the years. It's really just part of life to be connected with people from the past, present, and even the future.

When I posted about this Kickstarter campaign on my Facebook, Cornelius Eady asked me about it. He's always been in my mind as a great poet, understanding his own voice and being respected by both Academia and the Outlaw communities. But more so, he's had a wide musical influence in his work, so it felt so natural when he told me he also works with musicians.

"Let's do a show!" I said, even though I had initially planned to start gigging in the fall. I thought it'd be a big production! (Well, Yes and no... that's gonna be another story or two or three!)

As soon as Cornelius said he wanted to do a show w/ me late March/early April, I e-mailed my musician friend Jim Gibson (who was in Tooth Fairy, a band BBC's late great DJ John Peel loved).

Tonight, as I told another publicist about my campaign, she said to contact a poet she knew, that also had rock & roll roots. And then another friend told me to write to someone who booked poets AND folk singers in his market...

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