Saturday, February 20, 2016

Animosity Anonymous

Oh yes, princess, you were yesterday
when I felt like a Vonda Shepard song
words flashing my mind cruder than “fuck you.”

I grew up the moment I knew my parents were wrong,
not when I met you, I pray you do confront peace
not the war you wage while I beg help

I’m revving up my game with a smile
my friends—my team frees constraints of snobs, so thanks
nobody’s perfect but we don’t dwell on complaints!

I see me thinking, then following energy
and flowing the building into infinity
of bringing deep and inspiring thinking——shhhhh.

Of course as a progressive queen
I debate whether to be worshipping me or servicing ye
as we prance and dance with my dragon in harmony…
or was that Honali?
hee hee!!
ho’ ho’!